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I've had the pleasure of knowing Kimberly De Jong for more than a decade. I have received many sessions with her over the years. Each session has been genuinely unique and healing. Whether I was coming to her for comfort, pain relief, clarity or just a hug she has always provided exactly what my body (and soul) needed. Her massages are very sweet, and leave you feeling better but also nurtured and held. Her energy work is quick and gets right to the heart of any matter. Her counseling is always kind but honest. I would recommend her to my closest friends and any of my clients. You can't go wrong with anything Kimberly offers on her menu. -J.K

Testimonials: Testimonials

Your ceremonial energy work with me felt so profound and like a bright light in my week and my life. I know and trust it was life-changing in ways that will continue to reveal themselves to me. I treasure the intuitive insight and feedback you offered me. I’m incredibly grateful for the healing forces you have access to on my behalf. This work is so valuable for my personal growth. -A.L.

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