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Education Timeline

iGCLC™ Certified Life Coach - Accredited Training 2022

NLP Master Practitioner - iGNLP™ Certified 2022

Reiki I, II, Master Certification 2022

Advanced Reiki Master Teacher 2022

Master of Arts in Counseling & Career Development

2020 - Colorado State University

Bachelor's of Science in Health & Human Sciences 2016​ - Colorado State University

Infinity Healing Practice 2012

Reiki I, II & Master Certification

Yoga Teacher 240hr Training 2010

Rob Wegin from "Heal" 2005-2007

Reiki II Attunement 2003

Reiki I Attunement 2000

Pranic Healing 2000-2001

Craniosacral Therapy 2000

Massage Therapy Certification 1998-1999

I hope to share the goodness of all I have learned to help you find your own unique healing path and reclaim divine confidence.








Kimberly De Jong is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate and National Certified Counselor in Fort Collins, CO. Kimberly seeks to help clients experience a life of inner harmony and authenticity regardless of their past. Her whole person approach encourages a personalized mental, emotional, physical and spiritual integration allowing deeper healing and nourishment. 

Kimberly's unique combination of training includes psychotherapy, coaching, yoga, psycho-somatic release and mindfulness. Her work involves helping clients explore their anxiety, depression, stress and trauma through a loving and self-compassionate lens. Kimberly guides her clients through a somatice release using breath, movement and conversation with the cellular subconscious. Kimberly's clients report experiencing increased self-acceptance and trust, less self-focused rumination, hypervigilance, and engage in fewer self-harming behaviors. Through their sustained, personal therapeutic work, they report feeling grounded in themselves, with sustained clarity, ease, confidence and creativity in connecting with and living in their purpose. 

Kimberly utilizes several evidence-based therapy modalities in her work with clients. Kimberly's therapeutic specializations are deeply rooted in person centered authenticity & mindful self-compassion and somatic release. In counseling, she invites you to come as you are and co-create a therapeutic relationship leaning into creativity, vulnerability, humor & rawness. 


Kimberly is a Nationally Certified Counselor (2020) & Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (2020) with a unique background in holistic health. She has a rich mix of 20+  years education in holistic health and wellness. Therapies include Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy,  200hr Yoga Teacher training, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, nutrition, life coaching and more. Kimberly's career in massage and craniosacral therapy sparked her interest in pursuing and training in the mental health field to further support and advance her treatment of stored trauma and stress with a holistic approach.

To further support healing and releasing her own layers of stored stress and trauma, Kimberly began actively seeking counseling, attending meditation classes, learning about personal nutrition, creating a daily yoga practice, paid for chiropractic and acupuncture care, went for life coaching, energy work, polarity therapy and others. 


Through all of these experiences, Kimberly was encouraged to create a professional practice to integrate and address the whole person. She learned to create a sacred space for clients that encouraged mental, emotional, physical & spiritual relaxation, release and integration.

Her mission is to continue to bring awareness to the importance in integrating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual therapies for a more comprehensive healing approach.

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